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Whether you’re a student, teacher or parent, we’ve got you covered. LearnerVerse offers the highest level of online education to suit your needs.

Schools & Colleges

Home Tuition

LearnerVerse has been designed to make learning easy and accessible!
Find out how we can support your students.

Schools & Colleges

LearnerVerse has been designed to make learning outside of the classroom,
easier for your students! It is a great resource for supporting students, teachers, parents, schools and colleges.

Comprehensive Teacher Access
LearnerVerse provides comprehensive teacher access and support. 

Students ‘Catch Up’
Supports your students to help them to ‘catch up’ to their peers. 

Revision and Exam Support
Deliver flexible revision, exam and ‘catch up’ support to your students, when, where and how you want…. 

LearnerVerse Plus
LearnerVerse new feature where you earn points from studying with us..

Home Tuition

Help your child to get the best out of their education!
Our fantastic resources can be accessed from anywhere, from any device – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Affordable Home Learning
Access affordable home tuition. Unlimited learning opportunities!

The Benefits of Home Learning
Top quality and easy to use. Find out more about your options here!

Planning Ahead
We have all of the tools that you need, to help you to plan your academic and careers pathways.

Up, up and away!
Once you gave subscribe to LearnerVerse Tutor, receive a special discount today!


LearnerVerse gives you access to many great features!

Video Teach
This is the area where teaching and learning takes place. Flexible learning opportunities, to fit in with busy lifestyles.

Downloadable Resources
We also supply a variety of resources that students can download. From photographs to documents, from worksheets to diagrams, available as needed.

Multimedia Assessments
Students can take assessments to monitor their progress. All assessments are based only on lessons that have been viewed.

My Profile
Help to give your students the skills, knowledge and confidence that they need, to be able to manage their own learning.

Progress Bar
Progress bar show students their progress. Add information about users course progress, for a powerful learning management tool!

Social Sharing
Students can monitor their own progress across different subjects. They can view the lessons they peers have taken, revisit and share progress results.

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